We run events and offer support to help people learn about and access careers in tech. From talks to grants, we are taking action to make our industry more diverse.


Our Mission

Careers in tech are great, but there’s just not enough information and support out there to help people from diverse backgrounds break into the tech world. We want to change that. We are committed to ensuring that smart talented people from all backgrounds know about the many wonderful careers in tech and have the ability to access them. We want to give people opportunity to do their best work, make an impact on the world and live their best lives.

The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity.
— Viola Davis during her speech at 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

What We want to Achieve

  • Visit 20 Afro-Caribbean Societies in 2017.
  • Visit 20 schools in 2017.
  • Award £1000 in grant money in 2017.