This is a journey

I was supposed to be a lawyer. Technically, I am a lawyer. I’m legally trained and qualified. However, instead of reading the lines of statutes and legal briefs all day, I spend my days reading lines of code.

Having studied to become a barrister, it is actually not so unusual that I find myself working in technology. There is no facet of human life that has been spared from the influence, or in some cases the disruption, of technology. From how you pay your taxes, to how you interact with your friends, it is undeniable that software is eating your world. As various industries explore technology’s potential to transform the way they work, many of us and finding ourselves in jobs we never even knew existed. Indeed, some of these jobs did not exist twenty years ago.

My own route into tech has been via the Digital and Technology Fast Stream (more on that in future posts). I previously made tentative steps into the world of technology, learning HTML, CSS and Ruby, hacking away developing WordPress sites, but now I’m actually working as a software developer. Similarly, my sister has shifted from Landscape Architecture to User Research. She has gone from looking at how people interact with and navigate physical spaces to looking at how they interact with and navigate digital spaces.

We are both pretty far from where we started and we’re both quite convinced that this journey will continue to take us to unexpected places. So, as we travel this current path, we hope that you will join us. This blog will chart our journey, as sisters in tech.

– Esther